ECMCRC Academy

ECMCRC Academy

The ECMCRC Academy programme is specifically designed for managers and practitioners who are ready to enhance their knowledge and capabilities for a dramatically changed economy and heightened competition. We have leveraged our international network of academic researchers and industry experts to offer high-quality courses of max. 20 participants which follow curricula fit for leaders in all sectors.

The European Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (ECMCRC) operates as a not for profit scientific institution. As such, the resources generated by this training programme will be used to fund research projects and foster research collaboration across ECMCRC members and industry. Course registration is enabled by purchasing credits valid for 12 months. Completing 10 courses gives participants the added benefit of receiving a Master in Evidence-Based Management at a discounted price. 

Through the flexible Academy course offering, participants will have the chance to build their portfolios according to their needs and learn to excel in times of digital disruption and societal change in the areas they require. Our expert faculty from academia and industry look forward to it!

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Building Trust: An Action Plan For Leaders

Learn to build trust in professional relationships including trust in teams, trust in technology and strategies for managing trust during organisational change.

2 Weeks | 8 Hours | September, 2021 | Certification Upon Completion 

Behavioural Incentives In Project Management​

Accuracy is central to ensuring effective resource planning. We demonstrate how experimental economics methods uncover hidden inefficiencies in project management.

2 Weeks | 8 Hours | July, 2021 | Certification Upon Completion 

Privacy & Smart Technologies In Today’s Digital Age

The course will emphasize the ever-evolving role of privacy in today’s digital age by examining privacy-related issues across different digital technologies.

2 Weeks | 8 Hours | Date TBC | Certification Upon Completion 

Design Thinking Mindset, Rules & Tools

Design Thinking currently is regarded as the most in-demand business skill. In this course, we introduce participants to its 3 core components: mindset, rules and tools. 

2 Weeks | 8 Hours| June, 2021 | Certification Upon Completion 

Experimentation In Organisations

“If it’s never been done, how do you know it works?” is a common objection that sweeps good proposals under the rug. Combat your fear of failing by learning to experiment.

2 Weeks | 8 Hours | July, 2021 | Certification Upon Completion 

The Transformation Of Financial Markets​

Financial markets have undergone signidicant transformational changes. This course provides an advanced level microstructure analysis of these trends.

2 Weeks | 8 Hours | August, 2021 | Certification Upon Completion