The European Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (ECMCRC) focuses on research which provides a better understanding of financial markets (their operation and their price behaviour), and research which facilitates the provision of technology solutions to create better capital markets throughout Europe.

A significant benefit of participation in the ECMCRC network is the development of human capital, primarily through the provision of scholarship funded by industry partners for PhD students. In this model, PhD students are attached to (and co-supervised) by an industry sponsor. Student- researchers are normally accommodated for the majority of their candidature on-site at industry sponsors offices. As such, they benefit from the input of an industry supervisor because research topics are closely aligned to the research needs of industry. Academic requirements, research methods, and thesis production remain the responsibility of the academic supervisor. This arrangement, with oversight from the ECMCRC, forms a productive nexus to guide student research and develop human capital.

Programmes are currently focused in the areas of market design including market microstructure, security pricing, automated trading, and market surveillance; also in data mining, including natural language technology and visualisation. We are keen to encourage interaction across these areas between researchers in finance and information and communication technology.