Master in Evidence-Based Management

Evidence Based Management Master

Evidence-Based Management: Bringing a Culture of Experimentation

Evidence-based management stems from the awareness that managerial decision-making should be based on the right balance between critical thinking and empirical evidence. By empirical evidence, we mean information, facts, data that can support (or contradict) assertions, assumptions or an experimental hypothesis.

Companies experiment a lot more than we think – and obviously market research and A/B Testing are the first thing that pop into mind when thinking about “business” experimentation. But it was only thanks to the revolution in behavioral economics that the culture of experimentation and its benefits became widespread in companies. Only through experiments we can infer causality links between the variables involved.

As advocated by the Harvard Business Review, in order to build a culture of experimentation having the right tools is not enough, you need to change your mindset. Our portfolio of courses  will be customizable to different backgrounds or career perspectives and aims to provide both the necessary tools and the soft-skills required to bring experimentation and innovation to companies.

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